Wedding Shoes

Two of our favorite things are weddings and shoes. Seriously, if this was wedding shoes and purses we would be delirious. As it is we wanted to try and remain focused so we kept with just shoes. The bride is going to need some really nice shoes to complement her dress (unless you can organize a theme where bare foot makes sense) so here are some styles that might inspire you to decide what will work at the upcoming wedding.

Style 1

We love the detail on these shoes with the classic silver look.

Style 2

Beautiful shoes with the crossing straps that seem somehow infinite.

Style 3


OK. So these aren’t shoes. But they are a beautiful idea and if you have a wedding theme where bare foot is appropriate then this is a fantastic idea.

Style 4

Rose Gold floats our boat and we think these look amazing

Style 5

Moving away from the classic wedding colors, these light blue shoes are a wonderful departure from the norm

Style 6

Maybe not so much of a style but definitely a fantastic idea. Hidden messages of love on the sole of the shoes. Brilliant.

Style 7

Vavoom and Shebang – should be the name of a company – but these royal blue with diamonds look fit for royalty

Style 8

For a cheaper option that adds color and fun to a wedding, the whole wedding party could make Mr Chuck Taylor’s day with this idea.

Style 9

Are you Nature’s child? These shoes bring your love of nature with you on your special day

Style 10

The rose gold color with the sparkling rhinestones would make any woman feel pretty darn special walking down the aisle in these

We hope you enjoyed this collection of shoes as much as we did researching them for you. We hope you will be inspired towards a style that will suit you on your special day.