Wedding Planning

People think they know what stress feels like. They do. They think about short deadlines at work, or how to tell their partner that they are not that into them or maybe how they think they really need to lose weight. But really, until they have tried to plan a wedding then they are really not knowing what stress is about.

The best way to combat the stress is by planning each and every step. Sure, not everything goes to plan but if you don’t have plans then it will all be so much worse.

Below are some of the best images I could find on things to consider and plan for when you are arranging a wedding.

Unexpected Expenses

It’s easy to focus on the main items and costs but bear the above in mind when forming your wedding budget.

Twelve Month Checklist

This image summarizes many of the things to do and think about as you plan for the big day.


If you are providing all the alcohol then it’s best to have an idea of what to provide and how much. This is a good starting point.

Wedding Budget 101

Allocating your money for a wedding can be one of the most stressful parts. Use the above to get a sense of where you money will be going.

Photo Ideas

Chances are you will hire a good wedding photographer who knows all the popular shots and tricks. But it does not hurt to make sure that they know there are some shots that you absolutely want to have taken. Use this list to get a sense of what to ask for

Mr and Mrs …..

If you have decided to take your husbands name (or vice versa) or hyphenate then you need to notify plenty of people about the intended name change. Use this list to ensure you have the majority covered

Wedding Invitations

Here are some things that often get overlooked when it comes to wedding invitations. Don’t be one of those people.

Another Timeline List

Getting the timing right is so important I thought it was worth having another of these checklists so that you can choose which one makes more sense to you


The wedding is done and then what? Make sure that you keep this research in mind when it comes to Honeymoon’s. And for the record, we can absolutely 100% recommend New Zealand as a destination. It is beautiful and the people are generally quite friendly.

Wedding Apps

A great list of apps to help you through the wedding planning process.


I hope you found these lists really helpful. Please follow links on this page to other fantastic wedding ideas.