Wedding Pictures

The images that will last for generations and be a record of the day a new family began…no pressure right? My guess is you will likely get a professional wedding photographer who will know some good shots, angles and lighting. But it never hurts to go in with a list of shots you would like to recreate as part of the set. A good photographer should be flexible in this way.

Here are a collection of wedding pictures to set you on your way to defining the shots that will last a lifetime.

Black and White with Bridesmaids

Black and White photos can look so classy and this shot with the bridesmaids is a great one

Seasonal Colors

Capture the colors of the season in which you were married. In this instance, the Fall colors are magnificent

Get a Room

No harm in showing a bit of affection in the photos. Some deliberately go for sexy shots, just remember who will be seeing these over the years to come

Circle of Celebration

This is a classic shot done well here, where the bridal party raises a toast to the happy couple and it is captured from beneath

Rain In The Light

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade. In this case the couple has made an amazing photo out of a rainy evening

A Romantic Door

There is something terribly romantic about the door being in the way here. Maybe this is a play on not seeing the bride before the ceremony. Whatever the case, it is a cool idea

Big Ring Frame


This is the first of a couple to use the ring as a photo frame. This is the version where the ring captures the full length of the couple

Generations of Matrimony


An awesome generational shot. If you still have your mum and grandma with you on your big day then this shot is a must!

Bridal Party

If you have an exuberant bridal party then this shot where the happy couple frame the bridal party can work really well

Book of Love

An artistic way to capture the sentiment of the day

Sunrise on A New Life

As the sun rises on a new dawn together, the photo is captured. This could also be done at sunset.

Small Ring Frame

The ring captures the couple in an intimate moment. The off center nature of the shot adds interest.

Sparklers and Magic


This shot looks wonderful, magic even. But be careful not to set light to the bride with those fireworks…


Hopefully you will have found some ideas you consider fantastic within this collection of wedding pictures.