Wedding Pants

The question of who wears the pants in your relationship may very well be answered as early as your wedding. Pants at weddings are not just for the groom and male guests anymore. Pants suits are being made for brides and mothers of the bride and female guests have pant options at their disposal.

Here are several wedding pants images for females to inspire you to discover what you do and don’t like in this area.

Style 1


Simple white wedding pants are complemented by the detail in the sleeves of the top.

Style 2

These white wedding pants go with an outfit that still links with tradition via the use of a veil

Style 3

Flares? Why the heck not. Bring back the 70’s with a these ultra flare pants that almost look like a dress.

Style 4

The flowing nature of these flared pants with the draping and flowing material covering looks refreshing and sleek

Style 5

We see another version of the wedding pants with a half dress covering – kind of the best of both worlds

Style 6

Nurit Hen gives us this masterpiece. The design and detail on these wedding pants takes the breath away.

Style 7

Are you noticing that there is a lot of flared pants going on around here? This is another example which is complemented by a gauze style material covering

Style 8

This is the black version for those ladies who are perhaps taking the place of the groom in a lesbian marriage. The open top is sure to get hearts pounding.

Style 9


Heidi Elnora brings us wedding pants that are buttoned up at the back. As well as looking super cool, this looks like fun for the groom on the wedding night…

Style 10

The white tuxedo for women. It looks cool and in this photo you can see it truly suits a darker skin tone. Hot hot hot!


We hope you found some inspiration into the type of pants you might wear as a woman at a wedding and particularly if you are the bride to be.