Wedding Jumpsuit

Wedding Jumpsuits are something that can be either for the bride who wishes to be different from the traditional bride, or for guests who love the jumpsuit look but need it to be formal enough for a wedding. Whatever category you fall in, I have got you covered here.

Below are some examples of Wedding Jumpsuits. The hope is that you will be inspired by these images and get closer to working out what you want to wear on the big day.

White with Embroidery

This is a great jumpsuit look which combines the comfort of a jumpsuit with the detail often found on wedding dresses

White and Innocent

The languid plain look with carefully sculptured lines is complemented by the head piece which lends a wistful air of innocence to the outfit

Open Chested with Choker

Love this black and white photo showing a great outfit that suits a curvier body type.

Cristina Savulescu Modern Wedding Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit by Cristina Savulescu screams ‘modern’ from the plunging neckline to the mask which imitates the traditional veil.

Short Jumpsuit

If you have killer legs then show them off with a shorter jumpsuit – I’m sure the groom won’t mind

Lovely in Lace

Lace, lace and more lace is the theme behind this jumpsuit. Should excite you if lace is your thing.

Black and Sparkly Wedding Jumpsuit

If you are a guest wanting to simulate the tux, or even the bride that is taking the place of the groom in a lesbian ceremony, then this black jumpsuit is an amazing choice

Nude Jumpsuit

So this takes a very confident woman to wear so little to such a big event. I cannot imagine how the groom would remember his vows if his bride rocked up in something like this. It can get more daring too – there are a number of ‘sheer’ wedding jumpsuits that leave even less to the imagination. I decided they were too risque for this website to show however.

Ceremonial Pantsuit

This image caught my eye for the detail that has gone into the outfit. I initially thought the aim was to look like a mermaid with scales etc., but clearly this is something more refined than that

Tailored Blush Wedding Jumpsuit

Features a back bow tie, spaghetti straps, low open back and pant pockets in viscose for a modern wedding.


I hope these images inspired you to find your perfect wedding jumpsuit