Wedding Halls

Wedding Halls for the purposes of this post are defined as the location in which you will be having the reception at the very least, and possibly even the ceremony. Most of the time we are referring to a large room decked out to look romantic or spectacular, although there are some indoor/outdoor flow style ‘halls’ that are worthy of considering as well.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you with different images of different wedding halls. Most of these are on the extravagant side so don’t worry if such a setup is beyond your budget. The point is to get an idea of a design that will suit you and then emulate that design as best you can within the budget.

With that being said, let’s get on with it.

Wedding Hall 1

Regular halls can be transformed into wedding halls with a little bit of effort and creativity! Beautiful decorations add flair, style, drama and fun to a couple’s wedding day

Wedding Hall 2

The use of a color theme can work wonders and be reasonably budget friendly. Blue and Purple have been used to great effect here

Wedding Hall 3

This is one of those ones where I have taken liberty with the word ‘hall’. I wanted to include it as the beautiful trees have provided the ‘walls’ or this beautiful reception area

Wedding Hall 4

This hall has very much a grand ballroom feel to it. A magnificent setup for a large wedding

Wedding Hall 5

The use of circular patterns and rose gold and pink coloring is what caught my eye with this hall

Wedding Hall 6

The wonderful use of fairy lights and white flowers gives this setup a truly magical feel

Wedding Hall 7

It’s a smaller photo but we included it to show how some nice lighting and simple design can give great effect without the budget some of these others will require

Wedding Hall 8

Everything seems quite elegant and refined with this wedding hall setup

Wedding Hall 9

Another small photo and another one for those on a budget. Sometimes plain and simple does the job and provides the focus on where it should be; the happy couple

Wedding Hall 10

The use of old buildings (in this case a grand library) can provide a magical setting as a wedding hall


We hope you found these wedding hall photos inspirational and are a little bit closer to deciding what design will suit you best