Wedding Backdrops

On your big day there will be memories created and pictures taken that will last forever, etched into the psyche through emotion. The bride and groom will be at the forefront of those images but what will be in the background. What images will frame the occasion? You can take control of this by having custom wedding backdrops created.

Particularly useful if your wedding has a theme, wedding backdrops are the key to taking a beautiful moment and making it a beautiful memory.

Here are some wedding backdrops to inspire you think about what will suit you on your big day

Drapes and Flowers on Square Arch

The flowing nature of the draped material and flowers contrasts with the square rigid nature of the arch for a cool look. If you have a lake on hand in the background then all the better!

Wild West Backdrop

These images are from some creative couple who had a Wild West or Pioneer theme to their wedding. Looks cool!

Elegance with Soft Light and Flowers

This backdrop is more about the reception area and how it can look a million bucks with some well placed flowers and lighting

Triple Wedding Arch

If one wedding arch is a cool backdrop, why not three? There are many different photos that could be taken utilizing the three floral arches.

Beach Paradise

If you are having a Beach or Tropical Themed wedding then this is a beautiful setup for the marriage area. Looks like paradise on Earth…

Giant Wedding Wreath

One giant magnificent floral wreath can provide many different photo opportunities as well as a cool backdrop for getting married given how a circle represents unity and the infinite.

Personal Messages or Favorite Prose


This one is for the reception area and involves the creation and hanging of a personal message or defining prose behind the newlyweds

Modern Style

This is a very modern look that creates opportunities for great photos

Symmetry in Union

Definitely more on the funky side, if you love symmetry then something like this might appeal as a backdrop

Fantastic Fairy Lights

How cool would it be to have a reception surrounded by thousands of fairy lights. Very pretty (unlike the power bill the next day…)


We hope these different wedding backdrops have helped you on the way to deciding the backdrop for your big day.